Command Center and keyboard shortcuts for Gmail


30+ commands in Command Center for everyday email needs.

Learn keyboard shortcuts as you use Gmail everyday.

Does not cost you $30/month.

          **🀸🏿 [Install Simplehuman](<>)**


  1. Command Center for emails - ⌘+K or Ctrl+K All your email actions - mark read/unread, report spam, archive, add label, compose etc available in an easy to use command bar. You wouldn't need to use your mouse again (mostly).
  2. Nudges to learn keyboard shortcuts Whenever you use your mouse, Simplehuman gently prompts you with the keyboard shortcut that you could have used instead. Migrate to using shortcuts at your own pace.
  3. Quick navigation through your email Jumping between your Inbox, Sent, Drafts, or Settings is now an easy to use command with Simplehuman. Hit Esc to go back to the previous screen from wherever you are.
  4. Quick actions for RSVP, Unsubscribe, and attachments RSVP to calendar invites, open attachments, or unsubscribe from those pesky emails by just hitting **⌘**+ K
  5. A browser extension that works everywhere Works on all popular browsers within Gmail. You can continue using extensions like Grammarly, Streak, and Mixmax while being faster at email.

Better productivity awaits

Reach inbox zero or inbox read. Whatever your style, Simplehuman simply works.

πŸ’» ⌘ + K or Ctrl + K, works everywhere

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